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Wednesday 26 February 2020

HVIA budget submission calls

for bonus investment allowance

A bonus investment allowance in the forthcoming budget would incentivise capital investment on heavy vehicle factory equipment and for operators purchasing trucks and trailers.

Heavy Vehicle Industry Australia (HVIA) has asked Treasurer the Hon Josh Frydenberg MP for a 20% bonus investment allowance in the first year of the depreciation schedule. 

HVIA Chief Executive Todd Hacking says that the incentives should be applied in the 2020-21 budget and would be applicable to all capital purchases depreciable under current tax law. 

“This would be for our members purchasing equipment to put in their factories or for operators purchasing new trucks or trailers,” said Mr Hacking. 

“An investment allowance of this nature not only stimulates our industry but the community benefits from the safety and environmental benefits that come with the purchase of newer, more modern, more productive and safer heavy vehicles. 

“It continues to be of grave concern to HVIA that Australia's heavy vehicle fleet is amongst the oldest of developed nations at 14.9 years,” Mr Hacking added. “Part of the reason for this is there is not an incentive to purchase new equipment or to upgrade the fleet.” 

HVIA President John Drake met with the Treasurer last week to present the case for the bonus investment allowance to stimulate the heavy vehicle industry and change investment decisions. 

“This has the additional benefit of encouraging our manufacturing members to invest in the plant and equipment to ensure more productive, sustainable processes and improves the capacity to include new technology and innovation into the heavy vehicle fleet,” Mr Drake said. 

“We feel this is the easiest, most efficient way to stimulate the economy in a way that will change purchasing decisions but with a huge safety, productivity and environmental gain in addition.” 

The submission also addresses the disparity in the Capped Effective Life for depreciation of trailers over 4.5 Tonnes (10 years) when compared to all other commercial vehicles (7.5 years). 

“HVIA is of the view this should be made uniform but our preference is for the investment allowance as it has the better chance of impacting purchasing decisions and seems a more efficient way of stimulating the economy,” Mr Drake said.

Heavy Vehicle Industry to Benefit as 

Representation Streamlined

In what is being described as a major coup for the heavy vehicle industry, HVIA has executed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Australian Road Transport Suppliers Association (ARTSA) that will see the organisations change the industry association landscape for the better.

The MoU will see ARTSA reformat as the ARTSA Institute and offer individual members the opportunity to leverage their skills, experience and acumen on forward thinking heavy vehicle research projects – much like an independent think-tank.

The organisations have many dual members that will see an immediate direct and indirect saving by the rationalisation of member related activities, such as: training, information, events, conferences, advocacy and committee meetings.

HVIA CEO Todd Hacking says that HVIA’s national footprint, structure, governance, advocacy and resources will complement the passion, enthusiasm and technical expertise of ARTSA members.

"The industry has been calling for consolidation for some time but it’s not easy to implement,” Mr Hacking said.

“This is a massive benefit for the industry and the HVIA Board and ARTSA Executive should be applauded for taking bold action in the best interests of the industry.”

Pictured above: ARTSA President Martin Toomey and HVIA's Todd Hacking following ARTSA's 2020 Annual General Meeting

State Committee addresses impacts of virus on supply

New South Wales members took part in their first State Committee Meeting for 2020 at Mounties in South-western Sydney last week. 

HVIA Director Ken Cowell led the meeting agenda, with updates on key current work items including:
• PBS tyre review
• Trailer Wiring socket policy work
• ADR 38 submission of evidence – onset of barking test procedure proposal and audit requirements
• Heavy Vehicles 101 online induction course

Chief Technical Officer Paul Caus said there was robust discussion around the possible ramifications of the ongoing Coronavirus epidemic on supply of components.

"The question was asked if there were any contingency plans from regulators around interruption to tyre supply," Mr Caus said. 

"This is particularly critical for PBS vehicles as many PBS combinations have a limited number of tyre options that are covered by its approval. 

"Members indicated that they have already experienced some disruption in the supply of some components. 

"While it’s easy to initially dismiss this as only affecting minor brand suppliers, major tyre suppliers, for example, do have manufacturing plants in China, so anticipated interruptions could impact across the supply chain.”

Mark Leach from Transport for NSW spoke about the "TfNSW Heavy Vehicle Top 5" initiative, current enforcement activities and an update on negotiations for the NHVR to assume more heavy vehicle functions (particularly enforcement). 

"HVIA would like to thank Mark Leach and TfNSW for supporting our State Committee meeting in Sydney," Mr Caus said.

The State Committee meetings continue in Melbourne on FridayPlease follow the links for meeting agenda and registration


The New Vehicle, Repair, Services & Retail Award

From 4 May 2020, the Vehicle Manufacturing, Repair, Services and Retail Award 2010 (Vehicle Award) will be varied and become the Vehicle Repair, Services and Retail Award 2020 (New Vehicle Award).

Sections of the Vehicle Award relating to manufacturing have been removed and are proposed to be incorporated into the Manufacturing and Associated Industries Award 2020 (Manufacturing Award). 

Employers and employees who have previously been covered under the manufacturing sections of the Vehicle Award will not be covered under the New Vehicle Award. Instead, they should consult the Manufacturing Award. 


ComVec 2020 - take your customers for a drive

ComVec has long been considered the heavy vehicle industry's leading engineering forum for its comprehensive coverage of major technical issues led by the best in the industry.

Now more than ever ComVec 2020 delivers value for your customers, with a full program designed to help them make informed decisions about preparing their fleet for the new decade.

The final day is a drive-day where you can get into the driver’s seat in the latest vehicles, at the RACQ Mobility Excellence Centre Mt Cotton, in a variety of modular combinations.

While vehicles are out on the track, exhibitors will facilitate short info sessions about their vehicles, technology or components – a great opportunity to introduce your product and explain how it suits their task.

ComVec 2020 runs from Wednesday 13 - Friday 15 May at the RACV Royal Pines Resort on the Gold Coast.

Restoring a piece of Truck Show history

The restoration of our 1926 Thornycroft A2 is a major legacy project during Heavy Vehicle Industry Australia's 50 year celebrations, only made possible with the support of our members and friends.

Join us on the journey to bring her back to life, culminating with her presence at the 2021 Brisbane Truck Show. Want to get involved or to support the project?

Join the Thornycroft Restoration Project - Facebook Group 


Hydrogen facilities could benefit regional councils

Hydrogen energy test facilities under construction in Canberra and regional Victoria that will examine whether natural gas networks can transition to hydrogen may have positive implications for regional councils as they seek to lower their emissions.

These facilities, plus two hydrogen vehicles refueling stations, show local communities’ efforts. Last year, the Council of Australian Governments Energy Council adopted a National Hydrogen Strategy, and South Australia released its own hydrogen action plan.

Source: Australian Local Government Association

Upcoming events

HVIA State Committee – Vic 

Fri 28 February - 9:00am-12:00pm 

ComVec 2020

RACV Royal Pines Resort - Gold Coast 

Wed 13 - Fri 15 May 

HVIA Gala Awards Dinner 

Emporium South Brisbane 

Fri 20 November - 6:30pm-11:00pm 

2021 Brisbane Truck Show 

Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre

Wed 13 - Sun 16 May 2021 


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